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Ok.. i’m really getting tired of this live journal thing. For days i have tried to make an entry and every time it won’t post, the servers are too busy.. and all that crap! I have another journal somewhere else now (in which i haven’t written much still) and i won’t put the link here […]


blah blah blah

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i haven’t written in a while. Not really a lot to write. Well.. that’s not true.. i have a LOT to write, i just don’t feel like writing it. Short thing about what happened in this week. Saturday: Roleplay in delft. It was very very cool. i had a lot of fun. My character told […]


enjoy the silence….

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I know why i didn’t write for 2 days. It sucks. I have always said that i would put anything in this diary.. and it’s not true. There is so much i would like to rave and rant about that i’m not putting here because i know there are certain people that read this. They […]


Just another day.. (in paradise?)

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People are funny.. human kind is funny really.. It’s almost amusing to see how people just try to make that little bit of time we have here miserable for eachother. Why can’t we just get along is a thing that comes up in my mind, but i know it doesn’t work that way either. Why […]


my god i’m corrupt!

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Here is the result of your WOD Purity Test. You answered “yes” to 76 of 100 questions, making you 24.0% wod pure (76.0% wod corrupt). For the wod fans.. you can find the test here:


i’m a freak! wooo!

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Your scores: Need to be unique: 92%   Need to NOT conform: 81%   Willingness to express dissent: 82%   Overall: 86%   that was a nice test.. hehee..


that was some night!

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Yesterday i went to Delft to go to the movies with my friends. It was a sneak preview (which is always a surprise what movie you’re gonna get). Down to Earth would start playing in the cinemas this week adn i realy hoped it would not be that one. I had seen little parts of […]



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Yesterday was such a cool day! (not in temerature, mind you!). It was the big Fast Forward Dance Parade in Rotterdam. I have lived in this city for years now.. and it’s the first time i actually went. I walked from my appartment to the city to find a good spot to see it all. […]


and now….. i wait.

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I have been soooo busy in the last few days. First that php thing which i’m still struggling with. And i have been working on a new chronicle for mage, vampire and werewolf. Yesterday i made the info pages and put them on line. I’m really content about them too. Now i have to wait […]

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