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pfwaaa.. it’s so hot.

Let’s talk about the last couple of err.. one and a half week 🙂

The summoning was great. Hot, and there were certainly some things that were not going that well, but it was still great.
It was fun to see my friends again and to chatter the first day while building up the tents and such. The Pre-Party was a huge success.
Getting out of bed the morning after was a bit.. less of a success, but after i took something against my headache i was able to function well enough to get through the day.
I wasn’t looking forward to putting on the make up again for my character, although i was looking forward to playing the character again.
We had prepared the summoning ritual and the music was done too.

I’ll be short about the whole weekend.
I loved the bachelors party of the Children of Dela. Gaaahh.. we had soooo much fun. Just before that some stuff happened which really “unfroze” my char.
Lotsa booze and bad jokes rule.
We indeed did a kick ass summoning ritual. The best of the whole weekend. Before i was so tense though that at one moment i sat crying in front of the tent. After i got that out, we did the trial ritual where we explained everybody what to do and when and practiced it once with music. Than we already knew that it would be great.

The rest of the play that came out of that was awesome. Phoenix getting pissed off, and me telling both phoenix and our own faction that it wasn’t a mistake which happened, but that we had tried to deliberately piss them off, and that our plan worked perfectly.

Than there was all the roleplay with John, which was really cool.
During the end battle i didn’t do much, although just before i did manage to make a nice statement (and not just me) towards our elemental princess.

All in all, a very good weekend with it’s ups and downs, however, the ups were really big ups 🙂

The week after it was more hotness. Even though i like heat better than cold, it is starting to break me up a bit.
I’ll manage though.
I enlisted for Appoint, a website for IT personell. Hopefully somethign weill come out of that one.

Yesterday i went to a lan party at ivo’s flat. I was there early and we didn’t do much together till late in the afternoon, but it was still fun.
We went out to dinner and what a dinner it was. Good food for a really good price. Ivo picked up the tab, even though he really didn’t need to, but all he let us do was just say thanks 🙂 hehe.

Today.. still hot hot hot..
Though i did get my fan from the closet and it’s really making a difference.
I cleaned my desk, the table in the living room, i vacumed the couches and chairs, than vacumed the floor and after a short break even mopped the floor too.
Everything is smelling of lilly of the valley now 🙂

Now i can just relax the rest of the day, knowing i did my housecleaning stuff.

My roommate has his computer back, and as i expected hasn’t done anything remotely constructed since.
He’s been greatly ignoring me while i was cleaning, whily vacuming really is his task.

We’ll see what the upcoming weeks bring, as he let me know last thursday that he has the next 3 weeks off.

And now.. I play!

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