Pasje and the evil landlord

Posted by Pascalle on August 14, 2007 in Uncategorized |

Alsmost sounds like a title of some adventure stuff, isn’t it?

I’m just not getting anywhere. After that telephone call that i got in the car on my way to the summoning i didn’t hear anything anymore of my landlord.
When i went walking with Ren some time ago, we hopped by the house and talked to the occupants. They told me they would be out by oct 1rst.
My landlord must have known. The new house he put with a rental company called Meeus. The old renters gave Meeus their notice.

So after a long time of no info at all, i started calling his company. After 3 days of 5 tries a day, i finally got someone on the phone, who told me he was on holiday till aug 23rd.

My only chance on some clarity was calling meeus myself. Which i did today.
I was put through to the right person right away, which i was really glad about. I explained her what was happening and she looked into the files.
They had indeed gotten the notice from the old renters, and a notice from my landlord that he himself had a new renter for the place.
But that was all. She couldn’t do anything untill he arranged the stuff with her.

So my hands are completely tied in this case. I can’t do a thing. I have to wait till he’s back from holiday, and than i won’t even be home, i’ll be on holiday myself.
Chances that i’ll have a renting contract before sept 1rst are close to none.
I can see it now.. that on aug 30th or something he suddenly comes with that contract and a notice to be out at oct 1rst if i sign, and if i don’t sign that the whole deal will fall through.
It’s worse.. i’m actually _counting_ on him doing just that.
Because i can’t sign than. I can’t plan a move in which i have to arrange all this stuff one month in advance, telephone, internet, electricity, and actually becoming a citizin of Schiedam.
So that would mean i won’t sign with a huge risk of the deal falling through, becuase i have the feeling that he’s trying to get out of it anyway.

This whole thought pisses me off, but it’s not like he can throw me out of my appartment, so i’ll just stay here.

But in truth.. this whole stuff makes me want to scream and cry in frustration and anger, because he’s being such an..

On the job front things aren’t looking up either.
So far i have been turned down for every job i applied for. I’m locked in this stress cocoon and i know it. But i am having trouble breaking out of it.
I want to write that letter to Ordina for software tester, but i’m just so scared i’ll be turned down again.
I wish i could get on with that re-integration program already, but that won’t start till after my holiday.

In the mean time i just want to bonk my head on my desk. Repeatedly.

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