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it’s about time i posted something about the past weekend. I’ll do it per day and see how far i get in this post.

I got up immensely early to make sure i had enough time to both wake up, and do my last things. I needed to clean the cat and pack the last bits and pieces.
Completely packed i got on my bike and cycled to the station. I was glad i had calculated extra time, because the wind was outragious and it took me a lot longer than normal to get there.
Once in the train i was able to relax. I gave Basje a call about the exact time i would be in Tilburg so he and Dennis could pick me up.
In Tilburg i had to wait a bit, but than they arived and we packed my stuff in the car. It was a very tight fit and i had a small spot to sit, just big enough to not be completely uncomfortable.

During the drive the weather was changing. It got pretty bad. By the time we were at the camping we had to quickly put up the tents to have some shelter. It got pretty late before we got to cooking some dinner. Dennis made dinner under the back door of the car to stay a bit dry. We were all pretty much soaked, cold and hungry. Bitching at eachother for nothing.

Than finally dinner was ready and we sat in a spare tent we set up to be able to sit dry. It turned out to be really cosy and we enjoyed our meal of asperges, mashed potato and a very nice tomato and feta salad. We opened the 2 bottles of peach cidre and cherry cidre i had taken with me and talked a bit.

I was worried about my tent. When i had gone camping with my parents it turned out that it’s not waterproof anymore, because the last time i had camped i had packed it while it was wet, and the seems were now messed up. The rain was pretty bad and i did have a bit of water in my tent. Though the intensive spraying of waterproof stuff was definately helping.
Before going to sleep i took a hot shower, because i was afraid i wouldn’t warm up otherwise.

I woke up very early. I got out of my tent and was greeted by sunlight!
The first 5 minutes i just stood there, basking in the bright light, as if i needed to give it time to get through to my core. The other two were still sound asleep, so i just tottered around a bit. Due to the bad weather, we hadn’t done the dishes yet of dinner, so i just decided to do those. After that i just sat in the sun and chilled a bit.
When dennis came out of bed he made coffee. We had some breakfast and decided what to do today. By the time we were out of bed and did our stuff it was already pretty late. We went into the town to look for a shop to buy a filter for making coffee. In the process we did find the 2 super markets that we didn’t even know existed the the previous years. They didn’t have a filter either though. After a while we just decided to give up and wanted to go for a walk. Diana and Danny would arrive too today, so we didn’t want to go back to the camping too late, but we did want to do a bit of walking.

We ended up at an old convent, or better said, the convent grounds. A bit of forest along some plains. We made some pretty pictures, walked around a bit, visited the cementary.
We decided to go back to teh camping and see if Diana and Danny had arrived yet, and if not we would drive on and do more walking.
We were welcomed by them at the camping, they were already setting up their tent.

We greeted, helped and than split into 2. one group made dinner, the other one put up the Needy and Hungry tent.
It all went pretty smooth. We had a nice dinner and just chilled.
In the evening we played some card games, than just talked. I went to bed pretty early, but had trouble sleeping due to the noise. At last after lying awake for 2.5 hours (and being rather pissed) i fell asleep.

More in a next post. I have to take care of some stuff.

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