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I realised that i hadn’t written down anything about the meeting of the Elf Forum.
It was very cool. a Lot of people showed up and we all had a really good time. The movie was.. well.. let’s just say it was and leave it at that.. heh.

I took them to Murphies after dinner and with a few of them we stayed there for some drinks. I’m beginning to really like that pub. They have live music every day. Both nokkie and me have already been pondering asking if we can play there with our band some time. Funny how 2 minds can think allike.

I’ll write more.. but i’m going to shower first.
[insert shower break]

There.. that’s better.

Rest of the weekend.
Yesterday i got up at half past 7. I had actually slept better than the last few nights (finally!)
Only with my chaotic head i had forgotten if we were to meet up at 10 or 11. So at 9 i called Patrick to ask him. Before that i just sat behind my computer, read up on some things, written some things.
And had coffee of course.

So we were to meet up at 11.
First time i was at a larp event/special as monster. I was a bit nervous and the all around tension of the last few days didn’t help.
I was a bit afraid that i would do everything wrong.
We went to Zeist and met up with the rest of the people. Turned out that i did know a few of them.
We talked a bit, people got changed into their costumes, than the monster crew had a talk of the narator.
Things weren’t really very clear, but i figured that when we were to change we would get more info.
It was fun though.
I played a Ghoul who was under heavy domination of a necro priest. Still i did manage to paralyse one of the players and make such disgusting sounds that they thought i was gonna cough up my lungs any time now.
After that i played a goblin. “butsvoer” is what they call it. Random monster to ambush and attack the players. Than a dwarven guard, where i didn’t have to do much besides make fun of the players in dwarf speak (which was actually pretty funny).
Than more butsvoer, Orks this time. Fought with a quarterstaf. That was nice.
After that encounter we needed to be goblins again. We had to ambush the players at a gorge and throw smoke boms and fireworks that went “bang” at them.
Finally, after waiting in the cold for over half an hour they came. I’m afraid of fireworks, but i managed to light the smoke boms. I did burn my thumb in the process though. Please don’t ask how i managed to do that.. it’s a nice blister now.
After having done the fireworks, we stalked off to the field where the last battle would be. It was dark by than and i couldn’t really see much, both due to the darkness and my mask.
We waited for the signal, stalked around some players and hit them in the back. I was able to do that to a few players before they killed me off.

Even though it was cold i did have a lot of fun. I asked some players afterwards if they had liked it, and they did. So next special i’ll be a monster again. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer than though!

At the moment i’m just chilling a bit, getting ready for work. I have a meeting in the office about the Elf Fantasy Fair. The head organiser thought it was a good idea to just completely wave all my ideas and work asside. Well.. i don’t think so!
Today we’ll have a meeting about it. He doesn’t really know what i’m doing, while the other organiser does, but didn’t have enough knowledge either to give him good insight. So i will do that today.
I don’t see a problem there.
Still not looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting though, but i know i have to be stuborn and demand my 2 weeks off, or things will go very very wrong.
But enough of that.. More coffee.. and than off i go.

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