The atheist and me – pt 2.

Posted by Pascalle on January 19, 2009 in Uncategorized |

I posted some rather blunt things in mijn journal last time about my (non) believes and about someone who said that atheists didn’t know morals because they didn’t believe in god.

A friend of mine replied and asked me if i thought less of people that do believe in god.
I had never really thought about it, so her question gave me a reason to sit down and think how i felt on the matter.
I don’t think less of people that believe in god. Just like not believing in god is my thing.. it’s their thing. As long as they don’t place judgement, i don’t place judgement.
I can really understand why people _want_ to believe in a god. The world is a harsch place, and believing there is something better out there gives hope. I can understand how the thought of heaven can keep some people going when they are in really bad periods in their lives.
Though there are “triggers” that will immediately make me think less of a person who believes.
I think the most hefty triggers for me are:
* It’s god’s will that this happends/this person dies/my mom has cancer..
* People say that the bible is really god’s word and take it literally.
* People that say atheists will go to hell because they don’t believe in god (or any other judgement because we don’t believe.. like that we don’t have any morals)
* People that try to convince me that god does exist but can’t prove it “because it’s faith”.
* people that hypocritically bend the rules of their faith when it suits them, but still advertise themselves as a devout believer and a good person.

There are more but i think these are the most important ones.

So as long as someone that believes in god doesn’t do those things above.. i will not think any less of them. It would make me happy if they came to their senses, but.. as i also said above, i do understand why faith can give hope to the people, and i really can’t blame people for wanting hope.

On the same note but a different side…

It’s not easy to be an atheist. It’s not just denouncing god, saying he doesn’t exist, not believing in him.
For me, it’s being responsible for your actions, 100%. Knowing how your actions impact others, and carefully contemplating how you want this impact to turn out.
Letting yourself be guided by your own inner compass in deciding what’s right and wrong and sticking to it.
Having peace with the decisions you made and how that impacted your life and the lives of others. Knowing and accepting it’s your doing when it goes wrong.. but also when it goes right (without blowing your horn too much).
Understanding and accepting that this life is all there is. This is the ONE chance, the one lifetime we have to do our thing. No afterlife, no heaven, no hell. You and your concience.
Accepting that there is no real reason why we are here, except coïncidence. No greater plan, no greater purpose than to live, eat, drink, reproduce and die.
Knowing that the only thing you can do to make your life special, is to make an impact on other people’s lives. That will be the footprint you leave when you die.

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