Unexpected Encounters

Posted by Pascalle on January 22, 2009 in Uncategorized |

I had just put my garbage in the big thing on the street and was walking to the supermarket when i saw 3 teenagers standing around looking a bit odd. I looked and they were standing around a pigeon lying near the doorway of a appartment building.
I asked what had happened and the guy told me that he had picked up the pigeon next to a tree.
It was moving, but only a little and i didn’t hesitate and picked it up. He asked me if i could call the animal ambulance and i checked the poor animal.
It’s wings were fine, so was it’s tail and talons.
It’s neck was at an odd angle though and it was breathing really heavily.

I told the guy that i wanted to take the animal home, as i suspected that either it was in shock and would recover if it got some rest, or it’s neck was broken and it would die soon and no one could really do anything.
Lovingly i talked to the bird and held it in my hands, when i noticed that slowly it was hanging it’s head and it blew out it’s last breath.
It was the first time ever an animal had died in my hands, and i felt a bit odd.

As i told him that it was too late and the animal had died, a woman was passing us with her dog.
She heard what i said and looked at what i had in my hands. At that point i thought of how i could give this bird a burial, and she asked us what happened. The guy told her and i told her that the poor pigeon had just died in my hands and that i was thinking of burrying it at the edge of my downstairs neighbour’s garden, under the hedge.
She said she had a little garden and asked me if we could bury it in her garden.

So we said our goodbyes to the teens and started walking to her house.
I had never really met her, though i can recall i had seen her walk around the neighbourhood before with her dog. We talked about animals and she told me she had been taking care of several birds in the past, stray cats and even a guineapig who had been abandoned in the communial garden.
I told her about my pets and we had a pleasant conversation while walking to her house.
She let me in and we were greeted by a tiny chihuaha. Her house was.. odd but cosy.
We made our way through the living room to a tiny garden. She took a shovel from the shed and started digging a small hole, but it was clear she lacked the strength to cut through some roots that were in the ground.
So i put the dead pigeon down gently and dug the hole.
When it was deep and big enough i carefully put the pigeon in, and we said some nice words of goodbye to it, than i covered up the hole.

We went to her kitchen and she gave me disenfecting soap for my hands, because pigeons are known to be.. not so clean.
I patted her little chihuaha for a bit, than we set out on our way again. A little part we walked together, but than i had to cross the street to the supermarket.

Sometimes you can make a sudden connection with someone, and you know it’ll be an encounter that probably won’t happen again, but that you will also never forget.
I know this was one of those.

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