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It was an amazing way to open the larp season for real.
(I don’t really count the summoning day, as that’s basically just a bit more than an afternoon.)

I had all my stuff packed on the friday and waited eagerly for Ed to pick me up.
At first i wasn’t even sure if i wanted to go, as Jeroen wasn’t going, but especially due to Dani pouting at me at the sumdag i decided to go anyway.
And i’m very glad i did!

So the drive there was ok. A bit long with some slow traffic, but not boring as we had enough to talk about anyway.
When we arrived we first made sure we had a sleeping spot. I made my bed and walked around a bit, greeting my friends and catching up.
The start up of the event was a bit slow, but ok.
We were put in a group with a game master and send on our way to arive at the tavern where the meeting would be. There was still a lot going on from last time, and we had to catch up on what happened inbetween (which wasn’t much more than personal stories).
Catching up with Teva, getting to know a guy who was also walking in the same direction. Explaining why my brother wasn’t there and still being peeved about it.

Meeting new people who don’t quite feel right, but join you anyway to go to the tavern. Seeing how the Moori and other groups are ariving as well, and getting used to having no wings. The elves were suddenly talking to me again, which was … a bonus i guess 😉

After a while i got the urge to call the cultus and did so, nervously, as it normally was my brother who did priest stuff like this, and i really wasn’t that good at it.
Started the rite and got a peeved Ehun who slapped us around a bit, but not too badly.

Than a big moment for me, asking Labarnas and Teva to join me in a ritual, because i really wanted a real name again.
It was very private, personal and nice and besides my name, i also got a bonus mindfuck from the game master.

So much happened that i have to be carefull that i don’t mix things up. I think we had a n attack or 2 from atherin priests on friday as well, but on hindsight i’m not completely sure anymore.

The rest of the night we spend in the tavern, talking and drinking.

Though i had gone to bed at 4-ish, i got up again at 8.30 the next morning. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful morning. Coffee and breakfast and i was good to go.

I did a morning chaos sermon in which i read some passages from the Tali Jara and after that everything really got started. We got the Orc Shaman visiting us, together with a really pissed off Ent, telling us about Ligan Kraw.
Together with the elves and Labarnas, we did a vision ritual to see what was going on with a particular forest over there. It wasn’t good.

In the mean time we had more Atherin priests dropping by, asking for one particular person who we had no idea of who it was. So after we told them and they didn’t believe us, they attacked and we just had to deal with them. The Blood Lady was really happy with us i guess from all the corpses she recieved.
For the first time in quite some time, Teva and me actually had time to go into the forest ourselves to find some herbs. It was a nice stroll which gave us the time to babble some more.

Really finding out that the new group was serving one god was fun. Emo play, having both Teva and Labarnas calming me down and trying to diffuse the situation. Than on top of that a new inhabitant of the village who moved from Atherin Apalari. Having a talk with him, scaring him so much he was almost falling of the bench to try and get away from me. Than Teva comforting him and being nice. Good cop bad cop fantasy style way!
Finding time to make some potions that would later on save both my and Teva’s life.
Trying to deal with the Magus but being too confused to really make sense of it.

Finding out how using 3 different kinds of powers in a fight is quite exhausting but doable. At least, if you take time to sit down with your hands in the soil afterwards 😉
And the object we had been after for some time…. and suddenly we had it.
Very cool.
Excellent charming action from Valentine.

Meeting Otsoa and him taking the time to tell us a story was really nice.

And than, one of the things Nara is famous for.. the food!
This time, because it was Nara 10, there was a roasted pig. But not only that, several other dishes and 3 different vego ones as well. Very very nice!

Than after dinner we tried to get the item we finally were able to lay our hands on to the rightfull owner.
And how wrong that went. Getting caught and tortured by the black bi.. ehm.. woman.
Labarnas going completely berzerk because of that. Lots of confusion and a big turncoat.
Teva saving my life, barely… and not that much later me saving hers. No, i can’t just bandage a complete hole in your shoulder when i’m barely concious myself.. tsssss…
I do hope that the potion will wash out of her costume as i couldn’t see much and instead of putting it next to her, i threw it all over her costume. Woops.

Finding out that the loss of the item and all the confusion and hurt had been good for something was nice. Meeting THE spider was awesome, especially as we could actually talk to him now.
Labarnas took a bit longer to calm down though, but after another earthquake andsome broken bones he was kinda ok.
The rest of the night i spend talking to the new mage and habicht’s mother who obviously still didn’t like me (or my brother).
Going to bed at 6.30. It was later than i had planned really.

The next day.. get up at 10, coffee, breakfast and another morning chaos sermon, this time with more people present. Where is that brother when you need him grrrr..
Trying to answer some questions and not really being able to because you don’t know enough. Was still cool though.

We had offered the new people to show them why we responded so heftily to the atherin priests, so we did a vision ritual with their paladin, screwing him up completely in the process, just like we planned.
Attacks from Ligani and quite a bit of fighting was the last stuff from the event.

Coffee, some talking and quickly packing our stuff. I was completely exhausted. We had to wait a little bit, as there was a lot of raid for a while, than we packed the car, said our goodbyes and drove back.

Such a good weekend. I needed a night of 12 hours of sleep and another 2 hours during the day to get back on my feet 🙂

So when’s that special?


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