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A friend of mine used to say “Minds are like parachutes, they’re best used open”.
This post is about him, and about some things that have been bothering me for quite some time.

This friend from when i was in college has helped me a great deal around that time and not only me. I like both men and women and especially in the beginning that could be quite confusing. He showed me it was ok and nothing to be ashamed of. He did a Bi-café once a month at the local gay organisation and i helped out by being the DJ.
He also did some stuff for a youth gay club back than. I can imagine there are several people who are really thankful to him for his contribution in their path to feel comfortable with their own sexual orientation.

We kinda lost contact after a while but some time ago i found him again on facebook.
He had changed quite a bit. He became an evangelical christian.
I can’t wrap my mind around this. The whole doctrine he’s following now goes completely against everything he stood for years ago.
Even more literal, if you were to judge by this doctrine, he personally condemned all those people (and me) to hell for helping us be ok with our sexual orientation.
Maybe he looks back at that time as his greatest most disgusting “sin” he did, and if he doesn’t, how can he be in a religion that’s so anti-gay.
This just doesn’t compute for me.

I have also been thinking how atheists and scientists call believers close minded, and how believers can say that atheists and scientists are just not open minded enough to also accept religion.
I follow quite a few sceptic and atheist video makers on youtube and time and time again you hear them about how people are trying to shut them down, and how they will always allow people to speak their mind and criticise them, while a lot of religious video makers don’t allow comments and don’t want to hear any critique on their point of view.

I never really encountered it myself, until yesterday.
This old friend makes status updates on facebook, and some are quite religous. He gets responses of some of his non believing friends, criticising some of his views.
Instead of thinking about it, he turned of his commenting. In “his corner of the web” he only wants to see his own things, without people being able to respond or criticise it.
In my corner of the web, i welcome every response i get, because the best way for people to learn things is to talk about them, and not by shutting people up.

Of course he’s completely free in his decision. His facebook, his choice.
It just makes me really really sad to see this happen.
I guess i will just cherish the happy memories of my college time, and not think about the kind of person he turned into, close minded and afraid of other people’s opinions.

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  • fiddler says:

    It’s sad to see a beautiful mind or person wasted on religion. I’m sad that your friend is now like this, but the attitudes and actions that this person is taking are simply survival tactics. For some reason, christianity was chosen as a way of life and for most, this means that there must be a censoring of criticisms and input.

  • Walrus says:

    I find it interesting that there are quite a few Evangelicals who converted after being, at one point in their lives, agnostic or even atheist. I think I read at one point that conversion rates in the American prison population are quite high. This is just conjecture, but maybe that’s also linked to buying into the whole “I committed a sin, I can only repent through Jesus” thing?

  • Walrus says:

    Also: “In my corner of the web, i welcome every response i get, because the best way for people to learn things is to talk about them, and not by shutting people up.”

    Yeah, well YOU’RE RUBBISH!

    I’m kidding, I’m kidding. 🙂

  • Pascalle says:

    Of course i’m rubbish 🙂 i don’t call my writings mind farts for nothing you know!

    On the prison thing, i have a feeling it’s been heavily promoted as well and as long as faith gives a “get out of jail quickly without real repercussions” card.. i think they’ll keep converting.

  • fiddler says:

    I’ve yet to see any true difference in the entrance/exit numbers of American prisons. The undecided/agnostic/atheist continues to hover at .5% of the prison population. It is simply more accurate to call these “conversions” rededications. 99.5% of the prison and jail populations are theists when arrested and theists when discharged.
    This number is a bit intriguing when one considers that undecided/agnostic/atheist makes up 20% of Americas population.

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