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Today i got pissy.. i was already pissy this weekend.
For some reason, my roommate rebooted my pc. I was in the middle of some downloads, so needless to say i wasn’t happy with it. I put a password on my windows, thinking that if he canceled it, it wouldn’t start up the network. Unfortunately it still does. After the second reboot (where AGAIN he messed up a download i was doing), i thought it worked, but it didn’t.
So this morning when i got up, i found my pc rebooted again.
I’m a really nice person, but he should keep his hands off my computer.
So i put a bios password on it now. this means that if he reboots my pc, it simply won’t start up anymore unless you know the password. So.. a reboot means no internet anymore for him. Not for my pc either, but he only does it when i’m away or asleep.
He just pushes the resset button like it’s nothing, but it doesn’t only quit my downloads, it also fucks up other programs on my pc that i need to install again than.

If he keeps that rebooting up, i’m simply going to turn my pc off when i’m not home. Since i got a healthy social life, it will mean that there will be often evenings that he wouldn’t be able to get on line.

But.. let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.. for now.. again..

Last week, i was in our shower and it smelled. It smelled bad. It had been some time i really cleaned it. I did use some shower clean stuff often, once every few days. But last sunday (not yesterday but the week before that) i decided to really clean the shower. So i got out the chlorine and went to work. When i was done, the shower was spick spanking clean. No smell there anymore.

Than.. the day after.. it smelled again. So i got pissy. How the hell could that be.. i had scrubbed the entire shower just the day before!
So i went out to investigate where teh smell came from. Turned out it was my roommates towel. It had been hanging there several months, without being washed (as far as i know).
At times, i don’t understand that he doesn’t see it. some time ago i had already taken my towel out of the shower, because i didn’t want it hanging next to his. But now the thing had even start to smell!
So i bought some chemical air freshener.
Now it doesn’t smell as bad anymore in our shower.
You might wonder why i don’t simply tell my roommate to wash his towel.
I’m not his mother. he’s 25 years old. He should be able to look after himself without me telling him to wash his towels, his sheets or his clothes.

At this moment, i have a bad rash. I know it’s because i stress so much about this situation.
When i even look at that “thing” in the shower.. i nearly vomit. Just the idea that he’s still drying himself off with it sends shivers down my back in disgust.

I just hope that he moves out fast.. before feb 1rst.
At first i told him januari 1rst, but i don’t think he’ll make that. so i’m nice.. AGAIN.. and will give him another month.. but after that.. i KNOW i can’t take it anymore.. he’ll have to leave.. Or i will kick him out.

This whole situation is making me sick and stressed. I can put so many examples here, but i already lost my apitite for today.

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