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Last night i went to my student organisation. I was so completely stressed out i didn’t want to go home.
I cried with my friends, got rid of some frustration. They comforted me, tried to give me some tips and generally tried to get my mind of my stress.
They were so damn sweet.. i don’t know what i would have done if i hadn’t had them.

Later that evening Harald, arent and me played a game of siedler, but arent got an epilepsya attack (sp?)
Harald managed it pretty well but we couldn’t finish our game.

I went home but didn’t feel like even seeing my roomy. I went to bed straight away without saying a word.
Off course he drew some conclusions from it.

When i woke up i found a letter on my pc. Turns out that his internet hadn’t been working from saturday.
I know he rebooted my pc than. Better said.. he pressed the resset button.
Sunday and monday morning, my internet was working. I didn’t know his wasn’t. Turned out that the network settings of our shared internet connection fucked up.
this morning i started working on it right away (at 7 am~! ugh!) but even after one and a half hours of work, reboot, changing settings, trying stuff, rebooting again, i couldn’t get it to work. I was completely pissed off and already late for work when he woke up.
I decided to tell him right away, not feeling like keeping stuff back now.

We actually had quite a good talk. I told him about the connection and stuff. and the thing with “the towel”
We agreed that even though when he moved in there it seemed like a good plan, he and i absolutely can’t share a house together.
We’re both lazy, but in very different ways.
We did make an agreement to not keep things quiet, but calmly tell the other when something is bothering one of us.

He will move out inbetween half of januari and start of februari. Hopefully we won’t have half killed eachother in the time inbetween.

I have posted a message on teh soulxchange board.. maybe someone there can tell me what i’m doing wrong with that shared internet thing. I don’t know it anymore. It’s probably something really small but i simply can’t see it.

I’m at work now and i really have a lot to do, still i wanted to make this update. I feel rather relieved. IT’s not going to solve the situation, but at least he knows how bad this is effecting me.
Now hopefully i won’t get any more rash from the stress, because it’s itching like hell!

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