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Yesterday was a good day.
Besides feeling relieved after that talk with Val, the rest of the day was good too.
After work i went to delft to see my friends. Dinner was ok.
Bram and me decided that we would keep the tradition of cooking a new years eve dinner.
For me it will be the 4rth time i’m doing it, i have started it a few years ago.
After dinner i did some reading in my 3rd harry potter book. I really wanted to finish it, it was really cool.
But i wasn’t able to and went to the koornbeurs to see who was there for the werewolf meeting. I had to hand in something to the naraters too.

There were people there from vampire larp (arno, rolph, maarten) and together with maarten i made up my torry. She’s really cool! i have the sheet. I have to work on the background and stuff and hand everything in to him officially, but i can say she turned out to be the social monster i hoped she would be.

When the naraters were done with the meeting i handed my action to ron. He would discuss it and get back to me about it by email.

We sat in the koorbeurs for a while, than went to the caffee next to the movie theatre. I knew some of my friends were going to the night premiere of lord of the rings, just like i was, but i didn’t know it werre that many!
We had a drink, than went to the movie.

and my god.. it was awesome!
I won’t put any spoilers here.. i’ll just tell you that the trailers were NOTHING compared to the actual movie.
you have to go see it.
After the movie i went to the station. The train wasn’t ariving yet so i read some in my harry potter book again.
And still didn’t manage to finish it! *aarrgg*

After i came home i again tried to get the internet working of my roommate.
I tried and tried, together with things i had found on the net, tips i had gotten from friends.. and fuck.. it still didn’t wrok. That awas one of the lesser things that happened.
At half past 5 i gave up and went to bed.
I just couldn’t leave my HP book alone and finally finished it.

At a quarter past 6 i went to sleep..

This “morning” (i had the morning off and got out of bed at noon) i tried to fix my roommate’s pc again.

And i finally found it!
Turned out that i was doing the right thing.. but for some strange reason when i put my own pc as dns it didn’t work anymore.
It used to work like that.. so that’s why i was so confused that it didn’t work.
Now i put our isp’s dns there.. and my own shared network adapter as gateway.. and boom! he had the net back.

Yesterday i had put a message on the masq board to let the people there know what went wrong with our internet. It was just a businesslike explenation.
Someone found it nessecary to quote my diary there.

So.. i will put it here again.. because some people seem to have forgotten about it.

This is MY diary..
i put here WHAT i want.. WHEN i want the WAY i want it.
When i’m pissy.. my entry is pissy..
When i’m happy.. my entry is happy..
Just like every normal person, when i get angry or anoyed, i might get unreasonable.
It’s human.

If you can’t put this diary in the perspective it’s written in..



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