Promo at Walibi Part I

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I larp at Vortex Adventures, and they have contacts with a bureau that organises festival kind of stuff.
Through them, VA was asked to do promotional activities at Walibi World, an amusement park that had a few days dedicated to fantasy.

A few days before the promo i was about to chicken out. I felt insecure about myself, my costume and had many excuses not to go.
In the end i slapped myself and went anyway, even though it took me 3 hours to even get there.
I had packed my white chemise and red overdress with kaproen. A black belt, black leather bag and tin cup as ascessories.
I was afraid that it would look too simple compared by some costumes others would bring, and this was almost a reason to not go… again.
I got an email that some people had cancelled and decided that this was not the time to chicken out.
So i got up early that morning, got my coffee, showered, ate and went on my way with my big backpack, sleepingbag and tent.
The journey was quite long, but i had my music with me. I had planned on buying a book at the bruna at the station, but they didn’t have the one i was looking for, so i didn’t have anything to read besides the paper.

When i was waiting for the buss in Harderwijk, i saw a familiar face. It was one of my fellow larpers, sarah.
I never really played with her nor talked to her before, but i didn’t want to let that stop me.
In the buss already we chatted a lot and when we arived at the place we went looking for the camping. Luckily we bumped into Frank of the organisation so we didn’t have to call him. He showed us where we needed to go and after a while we found our camping spot and started putting up our tents.

We put on our costumes and went to find the rest.
Our stand was at sherwood forest, which was the location of all the fantasy stuff.
We walked up with some of the other guys. After entering the park, we put all the parts of the demon costume on one of them. It looked rather cool, though the downside was that every 2 meters people wanted to take 10 pictures with him.
I was even asked for a picture, something i’m really really not used to.

I was rather nervous to start the promo and asked Jantien first what the normal things were that were done. She explained a bit and than we send her off to have lunch.
I was glad that maup was there as well, it’s always good to see her.

Many kids just wanted to fight with the larp swords we had with us, and there was a little green lawn in front of us that was perfect for “weapons training” for the young ones.
We took turns at the stand and walking around a bit. Also when having dinner. The day went pretty fast and we even had a little time to go into one of the rollercoasters.
The wooden one was fine, but we also wanted to go in another one and when it was our turn, i found out that i didn’t fit in it.
A moment like that seriously sucks. I was sitting down, but the belt that needs to be put over your waist didn’t close. The guy of the rollercoaster tried to help me but to no avail.
Rather humiliated i left the seat again but managed to keep a straight face. I had hoped that the belt was completely in the waist, than it would have fit, but it wasn’t.
I stood outside and watched the others go, my head in a turmoil and trying not to feel too hurt at the moment i had to get out with everybody watching and knowing i was too fat for the rollercoaster.

When the others got out they were really supportive, so that made it a bit better. I know it’s just a matter of time before stuff like this doesn’t happen anymore, but when it does, boy it makes you feel bad.

We went back to the promo and did the last bits of the evening. I was starting to get really tired and was glad that someone else did most of the clearing of the stuff before we could leave the terrain.
We couldn’t see any of the other people and wondered where they were. We went back to the camping but didn’t see them there either.
Some of them actually already went to bed (it was 10) but even though Sarah and me were tired, we weren’t sleepy yet. We sat in my tent, just talking when we heard some others outside.
Turned out there were more people still and they even had some drinks.
Sarah decided to join them, and i did the responsible thing and went to bed. I was exhausted and knew i needed my energy for another day of promo.

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