he’s gone.

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You know.. i always thought i would be utterly happy when my roommate would leave.
Today i came home and all his stuff was gone. I knew that he wanted to pack his stuff today, but thought he would be moving this weekend. But everything (save for a few small things) is gone.
The few small things are a knife, a fork, a phone cord, a plug box with extention cord, a teddybear i gave him not long after he moved in here, a scalpel and about 4 bags of trash.
Those bags don’t include all the stuff that’s lying on the floor. candy wrappers, old mail.. papers.

Needless to say it’s a big mess here.
When i got over the first shock, i went to look around. First thing i thought off was the stuff in the kitchen. He had left dishes there for nearly 2 months now. Most of them were my plates adn all. And he did what i just told a friend of mine on icq i thought he had done. He had quickly washed his own plates and packed them, but left the other stuff that he made dirty in the sink.
I just sighed and shook my head. Could this get more pathatic? I had hoped that he would at least have a bit of dignity.. but it seems that it’s beyond him.

Than to know that on my way home, i was thinking that he hadn’t calculated on that last month rent, and i wanted to tell him that it would be no problem if he would pay it in parts.. since moving and buying a house can be quite expensive. Stupid me for even having such nice thoughts.

I was quite in shock and called barry. I just really needed someone to talk to. He was having dinner and would call me back, so i called my parents. I talked to my dad. He calmed me down, i was pretty upset.
He made me see the good side of it all. I am just writing this down to get it out of my system, before i start cleaning my roommates old room.

I called barry back.. adn talked to him. He told me the same.
I watched some tv, ate some dinner (tiramisu with whipped cream, to celebrate). Then i went back to the kitchen.
When i looked in my cubboard i found out he had taken ALL of my tin cans with food. There had been 2 that were his, the rest (at least 8 or so of them) were mine. Also some other food that was mine was taken.

And i thought he couldn’t sink lower. I’m just trying to not let it get to me. But it’s really hard.
I’ll just start cleaning all the mess that he left behind. Even my last roommate had vacumed his room before he completely left.
I have bought air fresheners and opened the window so finally some fresh air could get in. The smell in that room is so bad i nearly threw up. I have no idea how he could even sleep in there.

I don’t know if he was planning on coming back this weekend to clean his stuff, but i’m not counting on it. I’m just going ahead with cleaning because i don’t want to see this total mess.

Next week i’ll see him with vampire. Well.. i hope i will.. I will be there anyway. And since it’s HIS own vampire group, i assume he will be there as well. I will have a plastic bag with the last stuff he forgot and he and i will HAVE to talk about that rent.
I will not mention the mess.. I will keep my dignity.

I just sit here now and i sigh very deeply. Was i THAT mistaken in him?
Well.. i hope he’ll be happy in his new house, that he will shower more often and maybe even find out what deodorant is. I hope that he won’t make a mess of it like he made of my house. I hope he will be able to get away from the net and won’t end up all lonely.
I hope he’ll find a girlfriend who can be a mom for him too and tell him to wash his things.. I think that’s what he needs.

You know.. i’m not even really angry. I’m anoyed.. a bit disgusted but most of all sad.. that it had to go like this.
Well.. i guess this is the “end of an era” now. I’ll just start cleaning and get it over with.

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