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[2001-03-19] – [12:22]

What a weekend. Edwin stayed over on the saturday. I didn’t feel like going to the werewolf Larp. It must have been my peroid. We had fun though. We had a very cool roleplay in our room. I didn’t sleep enough in the night from saturday on sunday.

Sunday first edwin did a part of the dishes to “pay” for his internet access, than he left. Val and me just stayed on line for some time, than went into the city to buy some nice goodies. We bought lines to put the laundry on and a new thingy for in the bathroom. Oh! and a shower curtain. We also went to “black widow”. I bought a little ring for my piercing in my ear. I have put it in now but i can’t get it to close the right way. Will have to do that with a mirror some time.

Ugh.. part two of my diary.. after i had to reboot coz i lost my internet. I took a shower in the mean time. I really hate mondays by the way. I would have gone to Dirk last night but i felt so bad. I had belly ache and head ache.. and wouldn’t be much fun to be around. I have a belly ache now as well but i have to go to work in half an hour.

We will see how that whole copyright thing evolves.. It’s pretty sucky what that guy did. What made it even worse is that his girlfriend is a very good friend of Valentine and me. He knew damn well that She would be in the middle of all of this and still did it. She’s pretty hurt about all of this, valentine is one of her best friends on line. You don’t do a thing like that to your girlfriend. If i would have caused a situation like that and Dirk would be in the middle, i would swallow my pride and apologise.. coz i love dirk.

Another thing! Barry can be such a prick at times. One day he wants to be in the chronicle.. another he doesn’t. I was talking to him last night, i was enthousiastic coz we just started a big ass storyline in the roleplay. So i told him that this just was the moment where he could step in and enjoy the ride. So he asks about the storyline and off course i dont’ tell him, don’t want to spoil it. I told him that both edwin and me aplauded Val when we had finished the rp saturday. So suddenly he says he doesn’t like Valentine’s rp style. I told him that it would be a pitty that he would miss stuff because he would be too stuborn to try it out. Than he asks me if i am pissed coz he didn’t want to join. I reply that i really don’t care if he joins or not, just that i know that he loves to roleplay and that in the chatroom where he playes the roleplay sucks, the stories are about gone. So i offer him a nice chronicle to play in with cool stories. His response to this was that i was responding as a mega bitch and that i have to respect that he doesn’t want to join. I replied that he didn’t know my mega bitch mode yet, and again that i wasn’t trying to convince him, but that i was offering.

The thing is that one point he did say. yeah.. i’m gonna join, than he says he’s not, than he wants to give the kote a chance. And now he doesn’t. Val also asked him what barry found wrong with his playingstyle, since he reffered to it, but he didn’t really give a clear answer on that.

My thoughts are that either bar was in a bad mood last night, or he really needs to snap out of whatever mood he is in. He’s a nice guy, but sometimes he needs to get his head out of his ass.

I know he reads my diary, but i also said i would never not write something coz someone is reading it. Maybe it’ll make him think.

Blech.. i dont’ like mondays.

I’m going to get dressed, get a bottle of diet coke and go to work.

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