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[2001-03-23] – [11:04 a.m.]

Busy busy busy.. that’s the only way i can describe the last few days. Especially at work. Yesterday i was replacement team leader again. It was kinda funny. There were 2 team leaders present of the other helpdesk. Together they managed 4 people. I was at my own helpdesk and i had.. 9 people. Ok.. 4 of them i didn’t have to tell what to do, but still 6 that came to me for advice, questions and that i had to see if they needed to be on the phone or not. Alse the food went wrong again, so i ended up arranging some food for the ones that didn’t have any. Still all in all it was a pretty good evening. No big incidents, and the people did a good job.

I have been doing a lot of work for the masquerade site. This means that i can’t do a lot of work for the metropolis site. There are still new players that i have to put on the site. I have to make their sheets and fill their player pages. People love me for it though and i must admit that it gives me a very good feeling that people like what i’m doing. IN a way i need that.

I was going to call jennifer last night. Stupid me off course i lost her telephone number. Thank god it was on her site. I didn’t know for sure if it was the right number though so i did a search on the net. I came up with 3 numbers. I tried to call her a few times, but i got voicemail. In the end i spoke in it. I was so tired. If i have time today (yeah right) i’ll mail her from work. Otherwise i’ll just mail her tonight. I really hope that mail tool at work is working again so we can get rid of the administrative problems that people put in my lap. Maybe we’ll go for a drink after work though. So i have to see if i even get home directly. It all gives me a kick, but also makes me very tired.

Becka’s package has finally arrived. I was sound asleep thought when it did so they put something in the mailbox that we can pick it up this afternoon after 4pm. Off course none of us will be able to get it today than, so we’ll have to do it tomorrow (saturday). I’m glad it’s friday, just one more day of work. I actually have no appointments this weekend, but i am going to see dirk. I miss him.

Oh! Vivian, a friend of mine that i told to aply for a job at UPC is through the first round. She appeard at work today and Onno (my boss) told me to show her around a bit. I hope it will all work out, i know she can use the job.

Yesterday i did some roleplay with Alex in the court. On icq he asked me a question. I know it was more to tease but i just had to answer it honestly. He asked me if i would still “do” him. He knows that i had a crush on him in the past, and a pretty bad one too, but due time i got over that. Still it made me think. Would i “do” him if i got the chance? I couldn’t answer a full no, so i said i didn’t know. It’s the truth. I don’t. I have a weak spot for him and he knows it. It’s not mutual, so there’s nothing to worry about. I’m too ahum.. “big” for his taste. I just got to say it though.. God.. i LOVE a guy with brains.

I have been thinking a lot about Australia again. I can’t deny that i miss it, a lot. If only things would have gone differently. Nothing i can change about the past though. I’m still pondering an idea i got. In the Dutch Antillies you don’t need a work or normal visa anymore to live and work there. It made me think. One year from now, if i still like the idea, i’m going there. I wanna see sun, not rain.

I have to shower and shave now to get ready for work. Before i forget! Sign my guestbook or vote for my diary in the top 100 of diaries. i’m at number 97 now (yay!), or both!

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