how much can happen in one day?

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The thief.

There was a guy in my shop. He was looking around.. and looking around.. and looking around.. and i had the feeling something was wrong.
So I kept an eye on him.
I was right. He had put a t-shirt under his coat.
So i told him to not forget to pay for the t-shirt. He put it on the counter, than went on looking. But i had the feeling something was still wrong.
And i saw another t-shirt in his coat. So.. i walked over to him and stood inbetween him and the door. I told him to not forget to pay for that shirt as well. So he says that he has nothing under his coat.
I ask him.. that since he has nothing there.. to show me..
He says that he doesn’t wanna do that. So.. i tell him.. hey.. if you got nothing there.. there is no problem.. right?
He says that he has nothing and that if i don’t believe him.. i should call the police.
I just grin and say.. “hey.. that’s a good idea”.

So i walk over to the door and close it.. AND lock it. I apologiese to the other customers (there were 7 in the shop!) and do a few steps forward to go for the phone.
Suddenly the guy is all over me.. trying to get out of the door.. yelling to me that i have to let him out.
He pushed me square into the door.. and before i knew it had opened it a bit too. But even though i lost 53 lbs, i’m still a strong girl. So i push him back and yell back at him that he’s not leaving till the police is here.

Than another customer bluntly pulls the t-shirt from under his coat and shows it to me.
I glare at the guy again and yell. “now you can leave! and don’t ever come back into my shop.. ASSHOLE!”

I opened the door.. and threw him out.. literally.. i didn’t do too good of a job, coz i kinda crashed him into the wall next to the door.
I was furious.. pumping with adrenaline.

I don’t think he’ll ever bother me or my shop again.

When i turned around i saw 7 pairs of eyes blinking and staring at me. Than they nearly applauded.. it was.. ackward. more than one customer told me that they thought it was very brave what i just did.

I was just shaking all over. I did call the police and tomorrow i’ll have to go to the buro to file an official report blah thing.

The Interview

Yesterday i got a phonecall. 2 people from the college of journalism. They wanted to interview me for their scription.
They were making a documentary about how the lord of the rings movie affected the fans of fantasy.
They came over not too long after the thief incident.. i was still shaken up a bit.
Stefan dropped by than as well, and that was good coz it was very busy suddenly.
When it had calmed down, stefan left and i did the interview. It was pretty cool. Took quite a long time too. The promised to send us a copy of the final result. Later they went on their way to go to the office to interview stefan (my boss) as well.

The Phonecall

The guy i met called. To let me know that he liked the idea of going out to dinner, but didn’t like the idea of going to the koornbeurs.
He also asked me if it was ok that Sharon went with us. I didn’t know who sharon was so i asked. It’s his girlfriend. He asked me if i was shocked. I said no.
I wasn’t shocked.. A little dissapointed.. yes.. but hey.. i wasn’t making myself illusions to begin with.
We’re going out to dinner this thursday. We’ll go in Delft. Either with the two of us.. or three. Either way is cool with me. As i mentioned saturday.. i rather add him to my friends than not know him at all.. he seems such a nice and friendly guy.
Too bad that the 0,01% of the guys i was atracted to is already taken..

Oh well.. such is life i guess 😉

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